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Communicating your Vision

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I am an independent healthcare specialist with over 20 years experience advising clients across the healthcare spectrum on all forms of financial and corporate communication including growth strategy, M&A transactions, IPO’s and employee engagement. 

I can work with you to develop a communications strategy to navigate potential business opportunities and challenges.  Working closely with the Executive team, I can advise on how to position your business, develop cohesive messaging across all communications materials and effectively communicate your strategy and growth ambitions to the investment community, media and your employees.

  • Strategic Communications Advice

  • Senior Executive Support

  • Transaction/IPO/Crisis Support

  • Media and Investor Relations

  • Editorial Services

  • Employee Engagement

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


At each phase of your company’s development, having the right communications strategy in place is key to ensure that your story remains credible, consistent and compelling.  I will work closely with you to ensure that your communications strategy mirrors your business goals and growth ambitions. 

I will review your messaging, content and delivery to create a strong storyboard which positions your company for growth and that talks to your key audiences in a clear and concise way. Together we will create a comprehensive communications programme to plot your progress and navigate potential pitfalls that may arise in this often complicated healthcare world. 


As a Senior Executive you are often under great pressure from any number of avenues.  I will provide a wide range of executive services aimed to provide counsel, support and act as a sounding board.  

I can refine your messages to ensure that your delivery is consistent and compelling through media and presentation coaching.  This will enable you to feel prepared and confident ahead of any meeting, be it presenting to a room of analysts or in a 1:1 media interview.

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During times of transaction or crisis it is critical that the communications strategy is well organised with everyone singing from the same hymn sheet to ensure that both the company and management reputation remains intact and highly respected.  Together, we can develop a comprehensive communications plan specific to each situation you are facing. 
IPO's are very technical and time consuming transactions for Senior Executives.  I can manage the communications process, help you to decide the best tactics to use, as well as provide relevant introductions to the media, investment community and services you require as a public company.  
Preparation is key to the ultimate impact a crisis will have on your business.  I can provide scenario planning with a communications strategy for each option with the aim to preserve your corporate reputation. 


Public speaking and media engagement are key to raising both your company and Executive profile.  Development of a clear corporate story and communicating it well is critical to ensuring that your business is understood by corporate and financial audiences.  

Together we can create a communications programme using value enhancing news to demonstrate progress with a timetable of targeted media and analyst introductions to build your corporate profile.   

I would recommend that following presentations to the investment community to undertake a review audit to fully understand how your company is perceived.

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Good writing – clear, concise and compelling – is extremely important for ensuring that your story is understood within the investment community.  Many of your audiences such as investors and media are generalists with little scientific understanding.  As the science can be very technical, the key story of the business is often lost in heavy scientific prose.  I can review your materials and provide content to help you find your voice, whether in a speech, press release, annual report or website content.


As your company grows, often the audience who are thought of last are the very people who will help to create its future.  Establishing honest, credible and effective communications with your employees should be considered an integral part of your management and communications strategy. I will work with you to create an effective employee engagement strategy to develop a culture that will reflect your business goals and create enthusiastic ambassadors across your business.

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